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Crime Life is a MMORPG which will involve you in the most funniest 2D gang wars ever made. You can join a Gang or make your own and become the leader of the toughest Gang in the world and GVG ( Gang Vs Gang ) with other Gangs!

Features: Edit

  • Totally new quest system experience, quests will involve you deeply in the real life of the Gangs world, you will not have delivery or kill quests, but a whole and complete quests storyline.
  • GVG : Gang Vs Gang. Accumulate resources, money and people and travel all over the world to challenge and defeat the other Gangs to become the supreme world Gang!
  • Ingame mail System
  • Npc's with their own personality and mood system, when you will speak to a Npc it will react differently based on his actual mood, Npc's mood can be influenced from world events, as for example the weather or some bad news in the Herald, or taxes raising.
  • Use heights at your advantage. For example il you play as sniper, hide on building roofs and shoot down other gangs members, but pay attention one hit as sniper and you are dead
  • Public city elections to elect the major and the council... Yes you can become the major of Paris! :)
  • RES : REAL ECONOMY SYSTEM. In Gangs you can buy and rent shops, craft or resell your goods to the community and earn real money! Yes you understand correctly, playing the game as merchant you can earn REAL MONEY!

Social Media: Edit

The creator and developer of Crime Life (IndyPixel) has many forms of media to communicate on where you can ask questions, request suggests and/or hang out with. His youtube account features all past live streams from his twitch development live streams as well as unique videos occasionally, his twitter involves tweets about the latest updates of the game and informing the audience of followers when he is streaming on twitch. The twitch and discord media are his most active forms of media as IndyPixel streams every day on twitch having a constant communication throught the chat box of the streams and the discord group involves Indy and other creators and developers as well as the audience interacting with one another.

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IndyPixel: "I'm developing this game alone so, any help in Graphics, Music and Sounds it's welcome and if you want join me in the team, i will warmly welcome you! My goal is to develop this game with the help of the community and let you been actively involved in the development process."

Latest Media:Edit

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